Monday, December 19, 2011

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Glitzmas!

Toddlers & Tiaras has come back for a glitzmas season! We start out by seeing a family whose life revives around drag shows and pageant. They take their little kids, Bob and Riley to drag shows, which seems to be this family's obsession. The boy, Bob also competes in pageants along with his younger sister Riley. He has a long rat tail in his hair which he has never cut. No offense, but he needs to work on his big 'pageant smile'.
The next contestant, Laila, is a little blonde. When her mom tells the the camera that Laila loves ballet, Laila exclaims; "No I don't!" Overall, Laila is your average pageant girl. She is not really all  that into it but won't throw a fit when she gets on stage.
The last contestant is Anna-Maria. Her mom brags about her daughter and how she is the most beautiful little girl she's ever seen in her life, and then breaks into tears. Anna-Maria is nine years old and biracial. She "knows" she is going to win, and so does her mom.
At the pageant, Bob and Riley's mom is getting nervous. It's their first glitz pageant and they are so unprepared. The judges criticize Bob's rat tail and say he should have tucked it. In Anna-Maria's age group there is a girl named Mya. Mya has a similar dress to Anna-Maria and looks a little like her too. Anna-Maria considers her her only competition.
At crowning, Bob and Riley are crowned king and queen, the lowest title. Their mom says she's surprised they even pulled a title. She obviously doesn't understand that the lowest anybody gets is king or queen. Laila, Anna-Maria and Mya all pull out of their age groups. Anna-Maria is called for talent supreme. She is disappointed, as well as her mom. They both say she deserved a higher title. Laila was the grand supreme winner, and ultimate grand supreme was Mya.
Overall, I'd say Mya definitely deserved the ultimate. Bob and Riley's family were very strange, not to mention their mom got mad when one girl had a song by some drag queen that she wanted to use but didn't. Anna-Maria and her mom are both very snobby and need to stop being so overly confident.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Season 4 Recap

Toddlers & Tiaras season 4 started and ended with Eden Wood. I have to think something was fixed with Mackenzie, to me Eden was only slightly better yet Eden won 2nd and Mackenzie won nothing...
The Rumble in the Jungle pageant I don't believe was fixed because of all the acts we saw Eden was by far the best.

Here are my awards:
Best Hair-Ally

Best Eyes-Alaska

Best Dress-Eden

Best Personality-Emerald, Alaska, Kylie & Brock

Best Smile-Emerald

Natural Beauty-Karley

Glitz Beauty-MaKenzie

Best OOC-Eden

Funniest-MaKenzie & Ally

Worst Personalities-Olivia, Baylen & Lola

Worst Mom-Braxton & Alaska's mom

Best Episode-Universal Royalty Ultimate Showdown

Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Pageant Moms Do in Their Spare Time...

When their not spray-tanning their child, spending thousands of bucks on outfits or watching their children fake-smiling on stage, what do Pageant Moms do? Facebook.

For every child who has ever been featured on Toddlers & Tiaras, there is a fanpage on facebook for them. Most are run by their parents, who proudly put up pictures of their kids smothered in makeup and posing in bikinis. Eden Wood has 29,859 fans (as of now) and more photos than an average celebrity has in a lifetime-her page/photos can be viewed here:!/media/albums/?id=133962794274. I'm telling you, I'm not kidding.

Their pages are only a small part of the whole facebook thing. Free photo contests are all over facebook too, and pageant moms seem to like those too (probably because they've spent all their money on pageants). Some of the contests consider themselves "online pageants," because they give out titles such as prettiest hair, most beautiful, ultimate grand supreme, etc. "Child Beauty Queenz Photo Contest" (nice name, right?) just gave out "glitz supreme" titles, and is currently hosting a Miss Summer photo contest. This free contest can be viewed here:!/pages/Child-Beauty-Queenz-Photo-Contest/149172325146789?sk=wall

To name a few of the Toddlers & Tiaras girls who compete in these photo contest, there is; Taralyn, Emerald Gordon-Wulf (will be featured), and all the ones who compete in "only girls from toddlers and tiaras" (Kylie, Eden, Brooklyn, Alex, etc.)

So, what do you think of photo contests? Aren't these moms just a little body image obsessed?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Favoring Children...

The latest episode of Toddlers & Tiaras featured brother and sister, Braxton and Alaska. What's sad about this episode is that the mom favors one child. You'd think it would be the girl, right? Wrong! Mommy favors her pageant boy.

Alaska is very blonde with very light eyes and pale skin. She is a nice little eight year old who adores her brother. She is also aware that she doesn't win very often and that Braxton is better than her.

Braxton is five years old. He has a different father than Alaska, so he has dark skin, dark hair and dark blue eyes. First of all, let me say that this kid is very cute but his hair is way too long. His mom even proudly admits people think he's a girl, and when she tells them he's a boy, they say "but he's so pretty!" He isn't quite as sweet as his sister either. He says "I'm better at pageants than my sister."

Pageant Mom also says "Braxton will beat all the girls because he's a handsome little charmer. Alaska...she'll hopefully be able to accept defeat." That is simply an awful thing to say, but what's more is that I don't get why she likes Braxton so much more. Alaska is also pretty, she should be honored to have a girl llike her!

At the pageant, the mom keeps on criticizing her daughter. When filling out the form for her pageant, the dad asks "What are three words that describe Alaska?" The mom replies; "Pain in the *beep*" Poor Alaska hasn't even said a word, she's just sitting there patiently while her mom is fixing her hair. What is wrong with this lady???

When walking down to get ready to go on stage, the mom is upset with the way the hairdresser did Alaska's hair. "I hate it," she complains "I've never seen such messed up hair in my life." Braxton goes on stage for beauty, and I was honestly very disappointed. He wasn't even really smiling, just making faces, and he was just standing there. When Alaska went up, she looked a lot more professional to me.

Then came outfit of choice, or whatever it was. Braxton was once again disappointing, but Alaska was great. Mom still think Braxton is going to win the Ultimate. When they announce the results, both kids place out of their age group for a higher title. Braxton's name is first to be called. He has not won a Supreme title, devastating for the mother. Alaska, however, does win a supreme although it is not Ultimate Grand. So Alaska beat Braxton. I knew it!

Mom is "happy" for Alaska, but doesn't know what went wrong with Braxton. "Maybe it's time for him to retire?" she asks. Tell us your thoughts on this episode by leaving a comment!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ultimate Showdown (Eden vs Makenzie)

It seems like Eden is against many girls, doesn't it? Well this time, Toddlers & Tiaras officially called it "The Ultimate Showdown" because it was featuring 2 of the most popular girls ever featured on the show.

Let's start with Makenzie. People love watching Makenzie because she is a funny, spoiled brat with a lot of attitude. When I first heard of this episode, I was slightly confused; Eden wins almost every pageant she's in, yet last time Makenzie was featured she was 2nd runner-up, one of the lowest, if not the lowest title given out. Appearantly, Makenzie has "improved". I can tell you one thing she's improved on-she got rid of her nini. Yep, you heard right. No more nini for Makenzie. Sucking the pacifier for 4 years obviously had an affect on her screwed up teeth, as she had a crooked underbite the flipper maker even needed to make a flipper for her bottom teeth.

Eden, however, still hasn't forgotten the whole nini thing and says she has a secret weapon for Makenzie. She takes out a pacifier with two big teeth drawn on it and sticks it in her mouth, laughing. Way to go mom! Great sportsmanship right there! I'm not saying Makenzie it's normal for Makenzie to have been sucking her nini for 4 years, but a mom making fun of a 5 year old?

Both girls are driven to Hollywood to appear on some talk show. Mickie, Eden's mom, of course needs to get there early so Eden can preform in front of  a live audience. I don't know if she was expecting Charlie Sheen or something, but I can tell you that anyone watching was either just being  nice or really wanted to get on TV, because not only can Eden not sing, but that song has no tune, and she can't do the robot either (which she attempted to do). Eden and Makenzie meet up and get ready for the talk show. Mickie says she'd love to live here in Hollywood, bump Charlie Sheen off the airway and replace him Eden. Good luck on that one, you'll really need it.

So they finally get to the pageant, starting with beauty. Makenzie looks like a bratz doll with her face caked in makeup and her horrible fake smile covered in flippers. She goes on stage and smiles and waves, which is appearantly showing lots of personality.

Eden's blush make her cheeks look like she's been freezing in Alaska. When she goes on stage, she over blinks, making her eyes look big, which Makenzie didn't do because she doesn't like her eye color-blue is for boys. "B-lue B-oys." Yes, good job Makenzie, they both start with Bs.

We hear the judges talk about the girls preformances. The first one says she prefered Eden's because she looked very trained and professional, and was spot-on-perfect. The male judge liked Makenzie because she had more personality.

When Makenzie's name is called for 80's Wear, Makenzie is crying in her hotel room's closet because she doesn't want to go. Makenzie's turn is skipped and Eden goes on. Mickie just recieved Eden's dress and 80's wear right before, which surprises me because I expected Mickie to inspect every little detail to make sure the outfit is flawless. Eden preforms in an outfit with her stomach showing (of course) and just goes around doing the same thing. Makenzie finally gets down to the stage, and preforms at an equal level to Eden, although points are taken off for being late.

Finally, the results are announced and 4-5 year olds are on stage. Mia Spargo wins best dressed and most beautiful, and 80's Wear goes to someone else. Makenzie is called for "Future Queen," and wins nothing. No crown, no trophy, nothing. Her mom, Juana, is stunned and utterly speechless, still unsure if it means Makenzie will go home empty handed.

Eden wins all three divisional awards and places out of her age group for a higher title. Eden is desperate for the princess canopy bed, which is nothing but an ugly pink bed with curtains. Eden's name still hasn't been called as the Grand Supreme title is about to be announced. Grand Supreme is the 2nd highest title in the entire pageant. Annette Hill, the director of Universal Royalty, announces Eden's name for Grand Supreme. Eden goes on stage to claim her prizes: a trophy, a crown, a sash, and money.  

Ultimate Grand Supreme is about to be announced  and Makenzie is really nervous to find out if it's her or not. The Ultimate Grand Supreme winner is Alex Howe, a pretty girl who looks about 10 years old. Makenzie cries when she finds out she has not won anything, not even a little crown. That's a new one, every pageant made the girls feel like they were somewhat of a winner, even Universal Royalty gave out small crowns and trophies to everyone. Way to make everyone happy and feel beautiful!

Eden is also a teary mess as she realizes she found out she did not win the bed. Now that's what you call a spoiled brat. Eden went home with a huge trophy, a big crown, a cash prize and a sash, and the little princess still isn't satisfied. What's more is that later on, Eden was given her own canopy bed just because, no reason.  Toddlers & Tiaras also asked on facebook if people thought they had picked the right winner, and Alex Howe was having to defend herself against a bunch of adults. Great sportsmanship, just great.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Universal Royalty Going to Australia

So if you haven't heard, Universal Royalty is going to Australia and bringing little Eden Wood with them. Australia isn't necessarily big on child pageants, so who knows what they'll find there. Anyway, several Australians are furious (you can imagine why) and groups on facebook and twitter are being formed to stop the beauty pageant. Other Australians, however, are rejoicing for the event and are already starting to get their children prepared for the big day.

Even in Australia Eden seems to be quite a big celebrity. People are willing to pay $50 just to get an autograph and picture with Eden. This kid just turned 6! Why does she need the money anyway? Can't she just do it for free? Guess not...

Also, to add in a little information about Eden, she has just released her 3rd single, Cutsie Roll, following Cutie Patootie and Underpuppy. So Cutie Patootie had an annoyingly catchy tune, and was pretty much all about Eden bragging about herself, Underpuppy was about all the criticism she recieved but there were some awkward words thrown in and the song didn't have much of a tune. Cutsie Roll was about as awful as Friday, so I suggest the little beauty queen starts picking up the pace!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Season 4!!!

It's official! Toddlers and Tiaras Season 4 is coming out on June 14th. The first episode will be featuring Eden Wood and Makenzie Myers at Universal Royalty. Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Leave a comment!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Natural vs Glitz

I haven't posted in a while since there hasn't been any episodes lately. However, I've had a burning question in my mind...Is natural any better than glitz?

In glitz competitions, fake hair, tans, teeth, eyelashes, $3000 dollar dresses and loads of makeup are involved. Glitz for sure is the most expensive side of pageants. One of the messages conveyed in glitz is "You have to wear all this fake stuff to be beautiful."

Natural pageants ban makeup and anything fake, so when you win the feeling is "I'm naturally beautiful", which is off the bat a better feeling than "I'm beautiful when I have fake hair and eyelashes and makeup and tans". On the contrary though, when you lose the feeling would be "I'm naturally ugly so I should go apply loads of makeup, some fake hair and maybe get a tan." So, as you can see, natural pageant aren't necessarily as good as you would think.

So what are your thoughts? Are natural pageants still better than glitz? Are they both outrageous and ridiculous?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Eden vs Taralyn

We are aware that two of the biggest rivals in these child pageants are Eden Wood and Taralyn Eschberger. They compete against each other for most beautiful, best personality, most photogenic, etc. But does that make it right to compare a 5 year old against a 6 year old anyway? Here is what their stages would be:

Beauty-Eden would have a very expensive, busy dress, usually pink and silver, her hair would be either in curls or in a bun, spray tan, too much make-up, etc. Taralyn would have a busy blue dress that comes with a blue necklace, overtanned, long curly red hair extensions, tons of make-up, etc.

Outfit of Choice- Eden would wear her usual pink and purple showgirl outfit, with her Eden Wood doll and Vegas background, while Taralyn would dress like some kind of popstar in a two piece.

Personally, I don't find anything wrong with either of the girl's personality. Taralyn is very sweet and Eden can get a little attitude but is still normal for someone her age.

Traci Eschberger is Taralyn's mom. She is not one of the obese, ugly mothers, but is very pretty and elegant. However, she seems to push Taralyn into the competition. She herself says: "I want everything to be perfect!" She had a little anxiety attack at the Groovy Girls pageant with Taralyn's flipper.

Mickie Wood is Eden's mom. She is very into the pageants and finds herself doing Eden's routines while she's on stage. She has that southern accent. She is not as much of a perfectionist as Traci, and I don't think she is too pushy compared to the other moms.

Eden enjoys pageants. But just because your kid enjoys being on stage, does it mean you should dress them up as a showgirl?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Season 3 Recap

That's it for Toddlers & Tiaras season 3! :( This was definently one heck of a season, and it is now time to hand out a few awards...

The BIGGEST BRAT award goes to.........DANIELLE KIRBY!

The BEST PERSONALITY award goes to...........ISABELLA (7 YEAR OLD)

The MOST ENERGETIC award goes to..........CASSIDY BLAIR

The FUNNIEST award goes to............MACKENZIE MYERS!!!!!!!!

The CUTEST FACE award goes to............KAYLEIGH & JACKLYN!




What are your views on these awards? Hope you enjoyed season 3 and stay tuned for season 4 and a whole bunch of extra stuff!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tom Hanks Gets Involved!

Everyone knows Tom Hanks, especially from his Forrest Gump movies. Lately, a video has been posted showing an interview and a "toddlers and tiaras" clip. The clip itself is fake, and it is only made to make fun of pageants. Here's the link:

Tom Hanks' "daughter" Sophie Hanks "loves" pageants. In fact, she was named Sophie because it rhymes with trophy! Sophie is competing in the Ultimate Sexy Babes pageants, and her father is VERY supported. For all you Tom Hanks/Toddlers and Tiaras lovers, this is a MUST see!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lady GaGa vs Madonna

I just saw the Universal Royalty episode yesterday...what a show! Little Ava Perez came back and her dad was OBSESSED with her winning. How many times did we hear "Ava HAS to win"? Anyway, Ava came out doing a Lady GaGa routine for talent, doing pretty well. However, you can imagine her father's disappointment when once again she came second runner-up.

Then, they introduce us to the future Madonna, a two-year old named Mia. Mia comes out dressed as an angel praying, then takes of her gown to reveal a golden cone bra dress. The audience goes wild, this really reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine when Olive comes out doing her "Can't Touch This" routine. CREEPY!

We also see a four year old named Aishlynn, who is pretty cute and ends up winning 0-5 year olds Grand Supreme.

Mia, or, should I say, Madonna, wins Grand Talent. Surprise, surprise! The judges loved the cone bra!

The last episode of the season is the Rodeo Pageant, where we meet again with Karmen Walker. For those of you who don't know who she is, Karmen is 4 or 5 and has the cutest little face ever. However, in the preview for the last episode, Karmen is featured with another girl and the narrator calls it "Sweet vs Sass", referring to Karmen as the sass. We also see her stick out her tongue and say "I'm not nervous, cause the babies can't beat me." Lovely!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#6 Danielle...Taking Over Makenzie

I know it's been a while since my last post, so let me give a recap of the Arizona Gold Coast Pageant:

First came the Arizona Gold Coast Pageant, where we re-visited our lovely toddler star Makenzie along with twin babies, Scarlett & Isabella, and, last but certainly not least....DANIELLE!

Notice I have put the name Danielle in all caps, and yes, there is a reason for that. We've all thought Makenzie was the most spoiled brat we would ever see on the show, but here comes 8 year old Danielle, taking the lead! Personally, I'd take Makenzie over Danielle ANY day.

Now, what is so bad about Danielle? First of all, she thinks she pretty...excuse me, she KNOWS she's pretty ("It's hard for me to put make-up on, cause I know I'm pretty," quote from Danielle, not to mention when her mother tells her to get her beauty sleeps and she responds by saying "I don't believe in that. Cause I'm always beautiful.") and to be honest she's just your average looking kid.

She practices a routine with a fruit on her head (???) and when the fruit falls off she breaks into tears "cause she's not perfect." The worst part is at the pageant though, especially when a little 4 year old girl named Ellison (who was featured in a previous episode) smiles at the tv camera.

"She's stealing my spotlight," Danielle tells her mom, "I hope they cut that out." Danielle's mom mentions in the interview how Danielle would never hurt a fly, but one second later we see her slap some little kid walking by. Danielle also mentions how she feels when she wins "It's hard to see girls when I win all the time because they cry." Yeah.

Danielle is also preparing on ways to set off her temper tantrum if she loses: "If I lose, I'm gonna trash the hotel," and "I might tackle the judges."

Anyway, the other girls were also interesting in their own ways. Makenzie, was of course, Makenzie, and Scarlett and Isabella were a new view from the pageant world. The twins were 1 year old and had 70-100 dresses that each cost about $1,300. The mom also owned a private plane and a limo.

In the end, Makenzie came 2nd Runner Up in her age group and her mother looked quite disappointed. Isabella got the princess title and Scarlett and Danielle both got the queen title gave them a chance to win grand supreme. 3rd place is won by an uknown contestant while 2nd place is Ellison. Then I sat on the couch crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that Danielle would not win Ultimate Grand Supreme.

And the winner was....

Scarlett! I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to see Danielle crying on stage and talking about how it wasn't fair that a baby won during her interview and start to cry again. Well, this was definately an episode to see!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

#5 Taralyn...different?

I just watched the Groovy Girls episode today and I realized I made a mistake...Taralyn never threw a fit or anything, it must have just been part of my imagination...But we do see Taralyn again and she may very well be considered different. Why?

First of all, she has longer hair, and personally I think it suits her much better.

Secondly, her personality seems to have changed. She seems much more comfortable in front of the camera, and much less shy.

Third is her mom. Traci Eschberger seemed so nice and kind to all the other pageant girls and their moms...This time we see a new side of her. Don't get too excited, we're not talking about Jamie Sterling, but she absolutely needed everything to be perfect. We hear her complaining about how Taralyn looks in her beauty, how she walks, and she even says "I want everything to be perfect!" I think we all do.

Taralyn also had a new rival, Brooklyn. Brooklyn was said to be one of Taralyn's best friends, but she sure didn't look too pleased when Taralyn took home the Ultimate Grand Supreme.

Taralyn was also competing against our favorite Toddler Star...Mackenzie! But sadly we didn't get to see much of her.

Don't miss next week's episode featuring Eden Wood!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Vegas, Baby!"

Just viewing the title of the Vegas pageant got me worried, and sure enough, 90% of the toddlers were dressed up a showgirls. Cone bras, showgirls, lady gagas, what's next? Also, not long ago the Mardi Gras pageant was released. I have to say that little Brenna reminded me of a mini Mackenzie. I loved how she yelled at her dad for talking on stage.
Toddlers and Tiaras next release is featuring Taralyn (a toddler star!). From the preview, it looks like she had a breakdown during crowning when she lost at her last pageant. Sweet little Taralyn, who always congradulated all the winners? Now I may be wrong, but if I'm right, it looks like Traci Eschberger might have pushed Taralyn a little too far.
Going back to the Vegas pageant, Cassidy Blair is back! Now that she is on meds, it's true that she doesn't beat up inanimate objects anymore, but that doesn't stop her from being a little devil. She absolutely loves hitting her mom and you would have thought she was going to die when she got a paper cut. If it were up to me, I nominate Cassidy for playing the child demon in the horror movie!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"It Hurts To Be Beautiful"

Five year old Faith's mom's most famous quote would be "It hurts to be beautiful." A new season of Toddlers & Tiaras has just released their first episode, and we've already been able to prove Faith mom's quote.
Five year old Sami Jo was taken to get an eyebrow waxing. Appearently, this was not her first time, because the wax had once burned her and ripped off her skin. In this experience, we see a 5 year old screaming "NO!" and crying after and before she gets waxed. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to see how the rest of the season turns out...
Based on the new season clips on TLC, I can infer we will be seeing two twin babies who own 70 dresses not to mention a private jet. On top of that, two of our Toddler Stars, Eden Wood and the unforgettable Makenzie will be returning. According to her mother, Makenzie has "matured." Can't wait to see if that's true!

Little Miss Perfect is also airing their first episode on January 19th, so stay tuned to see how things turn out there!
Since I promised this issue would be a "Worst Parents" issue, here you have it:
Jaime Sterling is definently up high in the rankings, closely followed by Isabella's mom (guess which one I'm talking about this time!), although we haven't seen Sami Jo yet, I have a pretty good feeling her mom makes top 5, the little boy Zander's mom, oh, I could go on forever. Comment about your thoughts!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

#2: Sterling Twins & Cutie Patootie

If you are familiar with Toddlers & Tiaras, then you are familiar with the Sterling twins. Jaime Sterling, mother of five beauty queens, chooses to feature her twin daughters BreAnne and AshLynn Sterling on the show.

"BreAnne does look a lot like mommy," she states, "she is probably the prettiest of the five."

First of all, it's wrong to think about which of your daughters is the prettiest, but going from a thought to a statement on t.v. is HORRIBLE! What are poor AshLynn and the other three kids going to think?
BreAnne also seems to have very high self-esteem, knowing that she usually wins queen when her twin sister only wins princess. AshLynn, on the other hand, seems to have very low self esteem. "I don't like competing against my sister because it's hard to win," she says.

BreAnne also shows to have potential to be a brat when you see her kicking and screaming at the pageant. Her dad insists to pull her out, and finally, Jaime unwillingly pulls her out of the pageant. Stay tuned for a next issue featuring "Worst Parents", which we all probably have an idea on who they are...
BreAnne Sterling                                                            AshLynn Sterling

Now for a fairly newer topic, the "Cutie Patootie" rap, preformed by the famous Toddler Star Eden Wood. We see her rap on the talk show, where she states she likes to shake her bootie. Shannon looks like she's going to die, but Eden later states when asked if she really wants to do pageants "I want to do it all." Well I hope Eden enjoys her life as a beauty queen more than AshLynn!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toddlers & Tiaras Stars, Little Miss Perfects and Baby Beauty Queens

This is the first "magazine" entry! I will now talk about the toddler "stars" of toddlers and tiaras. These are the kids who made the biggest impression on the show whether it is because of their positive attitude, negative attitude, winning streak or something else!

The first Toddler Star is Miss Eden Wood. Eden was shown at the Universal Royalty pageant where she took home the Grand Supreme title. Her biggest rival, Taralyn, is another Toddler Star. She was newer to pageants than Eden, but that didn't stop her from rocking the stage! In her featured competition she took home the highest title beating Eden, but later Eden was shown beating Taralyn. Stay tuned for the next magazine issue: Eden v.s. Taralyn!

Our next Toddler Star is Miss Isabella. You may be thinking, which Isabella? There were so many! But you can probably have a good idea of the Isabella I am talking about when I say this: she might just have the sweetest attitude on the show. This little brunette wears cute little glasses and I have never seen her be upset. Isabella is the "Miss Congeniality" of the toddlers!

The next Toddler Star goes to Miss Story. She may not be the most memorable of the toddlers, but when I say "Story" you probably know which girl I'm talking about. But why Story? She didn't win, she didn't have the best personality or the worst, but to me, Story just stood out because of her extreme beauty. If anyone was born to be a beauty queen, it was her. But don't forget that there is more to life than being beautiful!

I could go on all day, but toddler stars wouldn't mean what they mean if I did. So the last Toddler Star is Miss Makenzie. Yes, I think we all know which one I'm talking about! Makenzie, the sweet freckled four year old with the big blue eyes...but that's definently not where it stops. We first see Makenzie when she's talking about fancy clothes, yet when her crown falls off her head the fancy clothes are forgotten and are followed by a dreadful scream. We all remember her signature lines such as "Well, where's my drink?" and "You are drivin' me nuts!" But don't let all that fool you. When she gets on stage, you would never think there's a devil behind her angelic appearance!

Well, that wraps up our Toddler Stars! Comment on what you think of these girls and who you think should have been or was chosen to be a toddler star.

But Toddlers & Tiaras is only one show where we see little beauty queens. If you are not familiar with these, I am sure you will enjoy the shows "Little Miss Perfect" or the British reality show "Baby Beauty Queens".

If you are familiar with the show Little Miss perfect, then you must be familiar with Miss Shelby (the brunette with the light eyes). Shelby was competing against Hadlie, and although Hadlie won the title of Little Miss Perfect, Shelby did not place in the pageant. We later hear her mom say "This will be the last pageant Shelby will compete in". Well I can prove that statement wrong! In a later featured Little Miss Perfect, Shelby competes against Taylor & Madison vs Maggie. Shelby once again misses the title, but places second in the entire pageant.
Well, mom, anything to say to your defense?

Baby Beauty Queens is a British show featuring child beauty queens. Unlike the US, Britain had no child beauty pageants until a few years ago. Two pageant organizers opened up a pageant called Mini Miss UK. The youngest kids to sign up were seven years old.

The three contestants featured were Madison, Tyla and Sasha. Madison, a nine year who wanted to be a model had sky blue eyes and brown hair. She and her mum would do anything to win the pageant-that included having their whole church pray for her.

Tyla was also nine years old with long brown hair and darker blue eyes. She was the youngest child ever to get contact lenses, and at the age of seven she got plastic surgery on her ears because they "stuck out".

Sasha was only seven and she was a cute little blonde hair blue eyed child who liked to play dress up. Her family lived in a small house and could not afford the expenses of the pageant so they had to get help.

Eden Wood

Neither of these girls ended up placing in the pageant. Comment on what you think and remember if you haven't already-watch these shows! They're great entertainment!