Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poor Pets...:(

I have to say, I've seen some crazy episodes but this episode kind of just blew me away. The highlight of this pageant is the part where the contestants do a routine with their pet. First we meet 6 year old Karley who has a pet snake. I've heard of people having pet snakes before, but this was just insane. Karley's snake didn't even have a cage and just slithered around the house like it's no big deal. NOT OKAY! Anyway, Karley and her mom are pretty sweet and somewhat normal, despite the pet snake.

Next up is mom Kelly with her twin daughters Giavanna and Alycesaundra. No I am not making up that spelling. Kelly obviously favors Alycesaundra because she is her "great" daughter where as Giavanna is a "brat". Well after watching the whole episode, I would agree both daughters are brats yet I felt a little sorry for Giavanna (tell you later). For the pet routine they are using a sheep and a turkey. Trust me I don't know how they were expecting to use a turkey in a pageant, but of course Giavanna was stuck with it. Both girls are 4 years old and look alike, but as Kelly says "I'm a realist," I can tell you Giavanna is cuter.

Last is Kali pronounced Kaley, and she is 5 years old. She has a pet shih tzu that is about as old and grumpy as a dog can get. Nothing interesting happens, so let's move on.

The girls get ready for beauty, and we see a girl named Addison whose beauty dress is still the cupcake style but goes down to her toes. I think we know who's gonna lose this age group. Alycesaundra is next (you know she has 12 letters in her name?!) and they call her Alycesaundia, which pisses Kelly off. Her dress is pretty but she stumbles and doesn't smile. She wasn't feeling well this morning so taking that in account I guess she did fairly well, but def. not good enough to get a supreme. But then again most of these kids suck so she might get one anyway.

Next in beauty is Giavanna, and she bombs it big time. She gets on stage and looks like she's going to cry, she doesn't smile, wave, or do anything besides look down with a sad face. Can't Kelly tell she hates pageants? Giavanna isn't being a brat right now, she's being forced on stage after hours of makeup by a mom who likes her other daughter better.

Then we have Kali, who does a great job. I honestly don't have much to say about her, there's just nothing interesting going on when she's on camera. And last we have Karley who also does a good job even though her hair is shorter than average for glitz pageants.

Then comes the interesting part with the pets. Giavanna has a melt down backstage because she doesn't want to go on with the turkey (I don't blame her) but ends up doing it anyway. She basically spends her time on stage pulling the turkey's leash so he doesn't run off. I guess the turkey doesn't like being on stage either. Then goes Alycesaundra, who has an actual choreographed routine with her sheep, but dad screws something up and she almost trips over the sheep's leash. Then we have Kali with her angry dog. I honestly can't really remember what happened. And then we have Karley with her snake, and her routine was actually pretty good.

Finally we have crowning! Giavanna gets queen and Alycesaundra throws a fit on stage because she didn't get a crown (which we all know she'll get later). Kelly tries to comfort her and then she falls asleep. Aly (let's just call her that from now on) gets her name called for Overall My Pet & Me wear (ok I might have just made that up but it was something along those lines) and doesn't look excited. It's Giavanna's turn to throw a fit, but of course mom pays no attention to her. Kali wins beauty supreme, and Mini Supreme goes to Karley.

Also, I forgot to mention that the twins have a dress that costs $8000. How stupid. Even worst, neither of them wears the dress for beauty, Aly only wears it for crowning where it doesn't matter what you wear!!! She could've worn workout clothes and sneakers and have won the entire pageant, because in crowning they don't judge your outfit! Grow a brain, dumb moms!!!