Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ultimate Showdown (Eden vs Makenzie)

It seems like Eden is against many girls, doesn't it? Well this time, Toddlers & Tiaras officially called it "The Ultimate Showdown" because it was featuring 2 of the most popular girls ever featured on the show.

Let's start with Makenzie. People love watching Makenzie because she is a funny, spoiled brat with a lot of attitude. When I first heard of this episode, I was slightly confused; Eden wins almost every pageant she's in, yet last time Makenzie was featured she was 2nd runner-up, one of the lowest, if not the lowest title given out. Appearantly, Makenzie has "improved". I can tell you one thing she's improved on-she got rid of her nini. Yep, you heard right. No more nini for Makenzie. Sucking the pacifier for 4 years obviously had an affect on her screwed up teeth, as she had a crooked underbite the flipper maker even needed to make a flipper for her bottom teeth.

Eden, however, still hasn't forgotten the whole nini thing and says she has a secret weapon for Makenzie. She takes out a pacifier with two big teeth drawn on it and sticks it in her mouth, laughing. Way to go mom! Great sportsmanship right there! I'm not saying Makenzie it's normal for Makenzie to have been sucking her nini for 4 years, but a mom making fun of a 5 year old?

Both girls are driven to Hollywood to appear on some talk show. Mickie, Eden's mom, of course needs to get there early so Eden can preform in front of  a live audience. I don't know if she was expecting Charlie Sheen or something, but I can tell you that anyone watching was either just being  nice or really wanted to get on TV, because not only can Eden not sing, but that song has no tune, and she can't do the robot either (which she attempted to do). Eden and Makenzie meet up and get ready for the talk show. Mickie says she'd love to live here in Hollywood, bump Charlie Sheen off the airway and replace him Eden. Good luck on that one, you'll really need it.

So they finally get to the pageant, starting with beauty. Makenzie looks like a bratz doll with her face caked in makeup and her horrible fake smile covered in flippers. She goes on stage and smiles and waves, which is appearantly showing lots of personality.

Eden's blush make her cheeks look like she's been freezing in Alaska. When she goes on stage, she over blinks, making her eyes look big, which Makenzie didn't do because she doesn't like her eye color-blue is for boys. "B-lue B-oys." Yes, good job Makenzie, they both start with Bs.

We hear the judges talk about the girls preformances. The first one says she prefered Eden's because she looked very trained and professional, and was spot-on-perfect. The male judge liked Makenzie because she had more personality.

When Makenzie's name is called for 80's Wear, Makenzie is crying in her hotel room's closet because she doesn't want to go. Makenzie's turn is skipped and Eden goes on. Mickie just recieved Eden's dress and 80's wear right before, which surprises me because I expected Mickie to inspect every little detail to make sure the outfit is flawless. Eden preforms in an outfit with her stomach showing (of course) and just goes around doing the same thing. Makenzie finally gets down to the stage, and preforms at an equal level to Eden, although points are taken off for being late.

Finally, the results are announced and 4-5 year olds are on stage. Mia Spargo wins best dressed and most beautiful, and 80's Wear goes to someone else. Makenzie is called for "Future Queen," and wins nothing. No crown, no trophy, nothing. Her mom, Juana, is stunned and utterly speechless, still unsure if it means Makenzie will go home empty handed.

Eden wins all three divisional awards and places out of her age group for a higher title. Eden is desperate for the princess canopy bed, which is nothing but an ugly pink bed with curtains. Eden's name still hasn't been called as the Grand Supreme title is about to be announced. Grand Supreme is the 2nd highest title in the entire pageant. Annette Hill, the director of Universal Royalty, announces Eden's name for Grand Supreme. Eden goes on stage to claim her prizes: a trophy, a crown, a sash, and money.  

Ultimate Grand Supreme is about to be announced  and Makenzie is really nervous to find out if it's her or not. The Ultimate Grand Supreme winner is Alex Howe, a pretty girl who looks about 10 years old. Makenzie cries when she finds out she has not won anything, not even a little crown. That's a new one, every pageant made the girls feel like they were somewhat of a winner, even Universal Royalty gave out small crowns and trophies to everyone. Way to make everyone happy and feel beautiful!

Eden is also a teary mess as she realizes she found out she did not win the bed. Now that's what you call a spoiled brat. Eden went home with a huge trophy, a big crown, a cash prize and a sash, and the little princess still isn't satisfied. What's more is that later on, Eden was given her own canopy bed just because, no reason.  Toddlers & Tiaras also asked on facebook if people thought they had picked the right winner, and Alex Howe was having to defend herself against a bunch of adults. Great sportsmanship, just great.