Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Pageant Moms Do in Their Spare Time...

When their not spray-tanning their child, spending thousands of bucks on outfits or watching their children fake-smiling on stage, what do Pageant Moms do? Facebook.

For every child who has ever been featured on Toddlers & Tiaras, there is a fanpage on facebook for them. Most are run by their parents, who proudly put up pictures of their kids smothered in makeup and posing in bikinis. Eden Wood has 29,859 fans (as of now) and more photos than an average celebrity has in a lifetime-her page/photos can be viewed here:!/media/albums/?id=133962794274. I'm telling you, I'm not kidding.

Their pages are only a small part of the whole facebook thing. Free photo contests are all over facebook too, and pageant moms seem to like those too (probably because they've spent all their money on pageants). Some of the contests consider themselves "online pageants," because they give out titles such as prettiest hair, most beautiful, ultimate grand supreme, etc. "Child Beauty Queenz Photo Contest" (nice name, right?) just gave out "glitz supreme" titles, and is currently hosting a Miss Summer photo contest. This free contest can be viewed here:!/pages/Child-Beauty-Queenz-Photo-Contest/149172325146789?sk=wall

To name a few of the Toddlers & Tiaras girls who compete in these photo contest, there is; Taralyn, Emerald Gordon-Wulf (will be featured), and all the ones who compete in "only girls from toddlers and tiaras" (Kylie, Eden, Brooklyn, Alex, etc.)

So, what do you think of photo contests? Aren't these moms just a little body image obsessed?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Favoring Children...

The latest episode of Toddlers & Tiaras featured brother and sister, Braxton and Alaska. What's sad about this episode is that the mom favors one child. You'd think it would be the girl, right? Wrong! Mommy favors her pageant boy.

Alaska is very blonde with very light eyes and pale skin. She is a nice little eight year old who adores her brother. She is also aware that she doesn't win very often and that Braxton is better than her.

Braxton is five years old. He has a different father than Alaska, so he has dark skin, dark hair and dark blue eyes. First of all, let me say that this kid is very cute but his hair is way too long. His mom even proudly admits people think he's a girl, and when she tells them he's a boy, they say "but he's so pretty!" He isn't quite as sweet as his sister either. He says "I'm better at pageants than my sister."

Pageant Mom also says "Braxton will beat all the girls because he's a handsome little charmer. Alaska...she'll hopefully be able to accept defeat." That is simply an awful thing to say, but what's more is that I don't get why she likes Braxton so much more. Alaska is also pretty, she should be honored to have a girl llike her!

At the pageant, the mom keeps on criticizing her daughter. When filling out the form for her pageant, the dad asks "What are three words that describe Alaska?" The mom replies; "Pain in the *beep*" Poor Alaska hasn't even said a word, she's just sitting there patiently while her mom is fixing her hair. What is wrong with this lady???

When walking down to get ready to go on stage, the mom is upset with the way the hairdresser did Alaska's hair. "I hate it," she complains "I've never seen such messed up hair in my life." Braxton goes on stage for beauty, and I was honestly very disappointed. He wasn't even really smiling, just making faces, and he was just standing there. When Alaska went up, she looked a lot more professional to me.

Then came outfit of choice, or whatever it was. Braxton was once again disappointing, but Alaska was great. Mom still think Braxton is going to win the Ultimate. When they announce the results, both kids place out of their age group for a higher title. Braxton's name is first to be called. He has not won a Supreme title, devastating for the mother. Alaska, however, does win a supreme although it is not Ultimate Grand. So Alaska beat Braxton. I knew it!

Mom is "happy" for Alaska, but doesn't know what went wrong with Braxton. "Maybe it's time for him to retire?" she asks. Tell us your thoughts on this episode by leaving a comment!