Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lady GaGa vs Madonna

I just saw the Universal Royalty episode yesterday...what a show! Little Ava Perez came back and her dad was OBSESSED with her winning. How many times did we hear "Ava HAS to win"? Anyway, Ava came out doing a Lady GaGa routine for talent, doing pretty well. However, you can imagine her father's disappointment when once again she came second runner-up.

Then, they introduce us to the future Madonna, a two-year old named Mia. Mia comes out dressed as an angel praying, then takes of her gown to reveal a golden cone bra dress. The audience goes wild, this really reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine when Olive comes out doing her "Can't Touch This" routine. CREEPY!

We also see a four year old named Aishlynn, who is pretty cute and ends up winning 0-5 year olds Grand Supreme.

Mia, or, should I say, Madonna, wins Grand Talent. Surprise, surprise! The judges loved the cone bra!

The last episode of the season is the Rodeo Pageant, where we meet again with Karmen Walker. For those of you who don't know who she is, Karmen is 4 or 5 and has the cutest little face ever. However, in the preview for the last episode, Karmen is featured with another girl and the narrator calls it "Sweet vs Sass", referring to Karmen as the sass. We also see her stick out her tongue and say "I'm not nervous, cause the babies can't beat me." Lovely!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#6 Danielle...Taking Over Makenzie

I know it's been a while since my last post, so let me give a recap of the Arizona Gold Coast Pageant:

First came the Arizona Gold Coast Pageant, where we re-visited our lovely toddler star Makenzie along with twin babies, Scarlett & Isabella, and, last but certainly not least....DANIELLE!

Notice I have put the name Danielle in all caps, and yes, there is a reason for that. We've all thought Makenzie was the most spoiled brat we would ever see on the show, but here comes 8 year old Danielle, taking the lead! Personally, I'd take Makenzie over Danielle ANY day.

Now, what is so bad about Danielle? First of all, she thinks she pretty...excuse me, she KNOWS she's pretty ("It's hard for me to put make-up on, cause I know I'm pretty," quote from Danielle, not to mention when her mother tells her to get her beauty sleeps and she responds by saying "I don't believe in that. Cause I'm always beautiful.") and to be honest she's just your average looking kid.

She practices a routine with a fruit on her head (???) and when the fruit falls off she breaks into tears "cause she's not perfect." The worst part is at the pageant though, especially when a little 4 year old girl named Ellison (who was featured in a previous episode) smiles at the tv camera.

"She's stealing my spotlight," Danielle tells her mom, "I hope they cut that out." Danielle's mom mentions in the interview how Danielle would never hurt a fly, but one second later we see her slap some little kid walking by. Danielle also mentions how she feels when she wins "It's hard to see girls when I win all the time because they cry." Yeah.

Danielle is also preparing on ways to set off her temper tantrum if she loses: "If I lose, I'm gonna trash the hotel," and "I might tackle the judges."

Anyway, the other girls were also interesting in their own ways. Makenzie, was of course, Makenzie, and Scarlett and Isabella were a new view from the pageant world. The twins were 1 year old and had 70-100 dresses that each cost about $1,300. The mom also owned a private plane and a limo.

In the end, Makenzie came 2nd Runner Up in her age group and her mother looked quite disappointed. Isabella got the princess title and Scarlett and Danielle both got the queen title gave them a chance to win grand supreme. 3rd place is won by an uknown contestant while 2nd place is Ellison. Then I sat on the couch crossing my fingers and hoping and praying that Danielle would not win Ultimate Grand Supreme.

And the winner was....

Scarlett! I cannot tell you how satisfying it was to see Danielle crying on stage and talking about how it wasn't fair that a baby won during her interview and start to cry again. Well, this was definately an episode to see!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

#5 Taralyn...different?

I just watched the Groovy Girls episode today and I realized I made a mistake...Taralyn never threw a fit or anything, it must have just been part of my imagination...But we do see Taralyn again and she may very well be considered different. Why?

First of all, she has longer hair, and personally I think it suits her much better.

Secondly, her personality seems to have changed. She seems much more comfortable in front of the camera, and much less shy.

Third is her mom. Traci Eschberger seemed so nice and kind to all the other pageant girls and their moms...This time we see a new side of her. Don't get too excited, we're not talking about Jamie Sterling, but she absolutely needed everything to be perfect. We hear her complaining about how Taralyn looks in her beauty, how she walks, and she even says "I want everything to be perfect!" I think we all do.

Taralyn also had a new rival, Brooklyn. Brooklyn was said to be one of Taralyn's best friends, but she sure didn't look too pleased when Taralyn took home the Ultimate Grand Supreme.

Taralyn was also competing against our favorite Toddler Star...Mackenzie! But sadly we didn't get to see much of her.

Don't miss next week's episode featuring Eden Wood!