Sunday, May 8, 2011

Universal Royalty Going to Australia

So if you haven't heard, Universal Royalty is going to Australia and bringing little Eden Wood with them. Australia isn't necessarily big on child pageants, so who knows what they'll find there. Anyway, several Australians are furious (you can imagine why) and groups on facebook and twitter are being formed to stop the beauty pageant. Other Australians, however, are rejoicing for the event and are already starting to get their children prepared for the big day.

Even in Australia Eden seems to be quite a big celebrity. People are willing to pay $50 just to get an autograph and picture with Eden. This kid just turned 6! Why does she need the money anyway? Can't she just do it for free? Guess not...

Also, to add in a little information about Eden, she has just released her 3rd single, Cutsie Roll, following Cutie Patootie and Underpuppy. So Cutie Patootie had an annoyingly catchy tune, and was pretty much all about Eden bragging about herself, Underpuppy was about all the criticism she recieved but there were some awkward words thrown in and the song didn't have much of a tune. Cutsie Roll was about as awful as Friday, so I suggest the little beauty queen starts picking up the pace!