Monday, April 30, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!

SO sorry to not have posted for several months now. Actually over half a year. I have been so busy with my life and watching Dance Moms, my favorite show since Toddlers & Tiaras. This past T&T season has been pretty crazy but for those of you who don't already know, our star Eden Wood has her own reality show called Eden's World!!! It's actually really boring. She doesn't compete in pageants anymore, she just goes around auditioning for stuff she can't get because we all know she can't sing, act or dance, she can only walk on stage and smile. There's a little drama, but compared to Dance Moms it's nothing.

Anyway, the biggest thing on my mind right now is Alaska. Don't we all remember poor, sweet, beautiful Alaska who cried of joy when she won mini supreme? Well since she won that title she's been winning more, meaning that her mom Lori forgot about her "little charmer" Braxton, and moved on to Alaska. This blew up Alaska's ego WAY too big. Alaska did well and won the pageant, but personally I am really disappointed to see her with that  attitude. Alaska was always one of my faves, but with that ego I'm not sure I can really say that anymore :( Either way her mom's a wicked witch and I still love Alaska, just a little less than before.

In the Beautiful Me Disco Pageant, we see SamiJo again and her psycho mom who thinks she's so hot (which she really isn't). SamiJo is adorable though, but she goes on stage and does nothing. Then there's this other psycho mom who hates Tricia (SamiJo's mom) and I wouldn't blame her if she wasn't such a b*tch herself. She named her daughter "Camarie" because she was addicted to Calamari. That is the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Other interesting we do see Paisley again whom I love to watch because she is SO adorable (NOT so I can see the stripper/prostitute costumes her mom puts her in). They do this new thing where they put all the moms together and interview them which I love because you watch them argue.

Anyway, I will be writing after each episode, promise!