Monday, December 19, 2011

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Glitzmas!

Toddlers & Tiaras has come back for a glitzmas season! We start out by seeing a family whose life revives around drag shows and pageant. They take their little kids, Bob and Riley to drag shows, which seems to be this family's obsession. The boy, Bob also competes in pageants along with his younger sister Riley. He has a long rat tail in his hair which he has never cut. No offense, but he needs to work on his big 'pageant smile'.
The next contestant, Laila, is a little blonde. When her mom tells the the camera that Laila loves ballet, Laila exclaims; "No I don't!" Overall, Laila is your average pageant girl. She is not really all  that into it but won't throw a fit when she gets on stage.
The last contestant is Anna-Maria. Her mom brags about her daughter and how she is the most beautiful little girl she's ever seen in her life, and then breaks into tears. Anna-Maria is nine years old and biracial. She "knows" she is going to win, and so does her mom.
At the pageant, Bob and Riley's mom is getting nervous. It's their first glitz pageant and they are so unprepared. The judges criticize Bob's rat tail and say he should have tucked it. In Anna-Maria's age group there is a girl named Mya. Mya has a similar dress to Anna-Maria and looks a little like her too. Anna-Maria considers her her only competition.
At crowning, Bob and Riley are crowned king and queen, the lowest title. Their mom says she's surprised they even pulled a title. She obviously doesn't understand that the lowest anybody gets is king or queen. Laila, Anna-Maria and Mya all pull out of their age groups. Anna-Maria is called for talent supreme. She is disappointed, as well as her mom. They both say she deserved a higher title. Laila was the grand supreme winner, and ultimate grand supreme was Mya.
Overall, I'd say Mya definitely deserved the ultimate. Bob and Riley's family were very strange, not to mention their mom got mad when one girl had a song by some drag queen that she wanted to use but didn't. Anna-Maria and her mom are both very snobby and need to stop being so overly confident.