Saturday, August 20, 2011

Season 4 Recap

Toddlers & Tiaras season 4 started and ended with Eden Wood. I have to think something was fixed with Mackenzie, to me Eden was only slightly better yet Eden won 2nd and Mackenzie won nothing...
The Rumble in the Jungle pageant I don't believe was fixed because of all the acts we saw Eden was by far the best.

Here are my awards:
Best Hair-Ally

Best Eyes-Alaska

Best Dress-Eden

Best Personality-Emerald, Alaska, Kylie & Brock

Best Smile-Emerald

Natural Beauty-Karley

Glitz Beauty-MaKenzie

Best OOC-Eden

Funniest-MaKenzie & Ally

Worst Personalities-Olivia, Baylen & Lola

Worst Mom-Braxton & Alaska's mom

Best Episode-Universal Royalty Ultimate Showdown